Friday, February 6, 2009

Music People

The other members of my family are music freaks nuts people. My husband is a musician by trade, working on his doctorate in beating on things (he is a percussionist, or, as my father refers to him, "that drummer who married my daughter").

Mess 1 seems to be following in his father's musical footsteps. He loves to play the drums that are scattered around our house, the keyboard gets daily use, and he wants music playing whenever possible. If there isn't any music playing, he's singing something he heard sometime or another. He only has to hear a song once to be able to repeat it, melody, rhythm, and words. The scary part is he's three.

Even Mess 2, at eight months old, is developing a reputation in the music department where my husband is both student and faculty. The early childhood music students that see her at her daycare, who go back and report to their teacher, who is a colleague of my husband, say she is the only baby they've ever seen who can sing and eat at the same time. Talented, that one is. Unfortunately for me it means feeding her takes four forevers.

Meanwhile I needed help getting my headphones to work while trying to listen to the new Dave BarnesEP on iTunes. Apparently plugging them into the microphone jack doesn't cut it. Who knew...

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