Wednesday, February 11, 2009


In my ongoing attempts to occupy Mess 1 while Hubby writes his dissertation, we are taking advantage of every cheap children's outing I can come up with.

Sunday I took the children to the zoo with Sunny and Sam (and most of Columbia) since it was sunny and in the mid-70s.

Last night Hubby took Mess 2 home and Mess 1 and I went to the children's museum with Scott, Sunny, and Sam for family night. Admission would have normally been $16.00 for the boy and me, but family night is sponsored by Food Lion so admission is only $1.00 per person. Also as part of their sponsorship, Food Lion was giving out little 3-D wooden puzzles of a lion.

About 6:00, the adults decided we were getting hungry, so off we went to get pizza. While we were sitting at the table, Sunny put the boys' lions together so they would have something to play with while waited on dinner.

After she unwrapped the package, Mess 1 picked up the paper that had that instructions on the back and was looking at the picture of the lion on the front. As I watched he took his finger and pointed at the letters.

The next thing I hear is "L. I. O. N. Lion." Sunny, the reading recovery teacher, wasn't fazed by this at all, she just said that's good. Meanwhile I'm thinking "Is he supposed to be able to do that?"

Either way I bet he's going to start reading sometime this year. What is the child going to learn in kindergarten?

In one other interesting moment, Scott told me my money smells nice. I had given him some change to get Sam a bottle of juice, and it apparently smelled nice.

There's really no reason I told you that. I just felt it should be documented that I can make money smell nice.

Although, I wonder if there's a way to turn that into a marketable skill? We could use some extra income...

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