Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I always suspected what would be my least favorite part of parenting. Monday night it was confirmed.


Specifically, having to be the person to clean up the vomit. I don't deal well with vomit. I end up needing to vomit myself. So when Mess 1 got sick Monday night, it wasn't good

Because of course Hubby was out of town Monday night. My children have some sort of "Daddy's out of town, let's get sick" radar. So I got to be the clean up crew.

I think I did pretty well; I only gagged four times.

Anyway, Monday night he woke crying about 9:00 pm. He told me he banged his knee on the wall and it hurt. I should have know then something was up, normally that wouldn't have even fazed him.

A few minutes later he started crying again and told me he had to go to the bathroom. So off he went and used the bathroom, and then he headed back to bed.

Thirty minutes later, he started crying again. When I went in that time he told me his tummy hurt.

Lesson learned: when the three year old says his tummy hurts?

Get Him. To. The Bathroom!

Do not go to get medicine or a splatter bucket. Get the sick child near the toilet, then go get those things.

While I was in the bathroom getting the medicine, I heard it. When I got to the door I smelled it. And by the time I got to him he started again.

It was bad. He got the bottom sheet, the pillowcase, the actual pillow inside the pillow case, and Turtle and Puppy Dog. So I got him to the bathroom, cleaned him off and I settled him next to the toilet. Poor baby, when I got him settled down and got his "soft blanket" to keep him warm, he looked at me and asked "What happened to me?" He'd never thrown up before, and had no idea what had just happened.

Next I went to deal with the bed. I got the sheets off the bed and in the washing machine, and then did what anyone dealing with their child throwing up for the first time would do.

I called my parents.

My mom's a nurse, so I called to ask what, if any, meds I should give him. Then I asked how to get vomit off stuffed animals. Things you only learn from experience.

I got all of the vomit off Turtle and most off Puppy Dog, but Hubby gets to finish that project. It will involve lots of Febreeze.

Once that was done I got my poor boy settled in my bed, with the splatter bucket close by. We watched one episode of Little Bill on Noggin to help him calm down, and finally he fell asleep around 11:30.

He had one more episode about 3:00 am, but we managed to hit the bucket that time, so clean up only took a few minutes.

Tuesday morning he woke up and wanted to make muffins.

I called Hubby and told him he owed me, big time.

I hate vomit.


  1. As a matter of professional credentials, when it comes to vomit, I've got Mom beat by a mile.

  2. True, but your experiences with vomit tend to be self-inflicted by the vomiter. Mom and Dad have more experience with the virus induced, took out the stuffed animals, type of vomiting.