Sunday, January 27, 2008

The week in pictures

It's been a crazy, mostly fun week, so instead of trying to tell you all about it I'm just going to show you the pictures.

This is the window in the master bedroom that broke at 4:30 Monday morning due to the cold. So, Monica, while it may not be -8, it IS cold. And hearing a window crack and shatter at 4:30 am is a horrible way to be woken up.

Mess 1 turned two on Tuesday. We had birthday muffins after dinner.

Dinner was leftover lasagna, so not all of the mess is from the muffin.

Thursday he tried big boy underwear for the first time. He made it about 45 minutes before he peed in them.

My sweet friend Lynn that I worked with in Tallahassee gave us this outfit as a baby shower gift. I've been waiting two years for him to be big enough to wear it.

Hubby gave the third of his four doctoral recitals Friday night. This was at the restaurant where we had dinner after. Aren't my boys cute??

Saturday was the birthday party. We had lots of friends and family come for the recital and the party. This silly group was playing with Uncle Andy's gift.

These cute train cakes were a group effort. I made the cakes and icing, Hubby cut them out, Devin iced, and Chef Uncle Dennis decorated. They turned out better than I had hoped.

This morning we had cinnamon rolls for breakfast before Anne and Devin and crew had to head home.

Sweet boys in their matching pajamas.

Monday, January 14, 2008


I keep a bag of Hershey's kisses in one of my desk drawers. It satisfies my chocolate cravings and keeps me out of the vending machine (although $.75 for a Snickers bar is a pretty good deterrent as well).

This morning I noticed that the little piece of paper in the kiss wrapper said "Ouch."

I actually had to do a double take, thinking I misread it. Once I confirmed that it did, in fact, say "Ouch," I wondered why in the world that was on a Hershey's kiss wrapper. Don't they normally say "Kiss," or if you get the variety pack, something like "Almond," "Dark," or "Caramel?"

So I looked in the bag to see if they all said "Ouch," or if it was some kind of fluke.

Here are some of the other things I found on my kisses:

  • Feel Better
  • Knock 'em Dead
  • Way To Go
  • Kiss Someone
  • You Love Me
  • Thank you
I even found two more labeled "Ouch," so it wasn't a printing error.

Are they trying to take the place of the little candy hearts? And if so, what is the significance of "Ouch?"

'Cause let me tell you, my first thought was something along the lines of "Ouch, do you really want to add me to your calorie count for today?"

Some of that probably had to do with the rather interesting (short) discussion a few of us had before this morning's status meeting regarding health care, including smoking, obesity, and prevention vs. treatment.

In case you are wondering, I did eat the kiss. At 18 weeks pregnant I've only gained one pound, so I think I'm alright. Still, I'm pretty sure that's it for the day.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Lazyish Saturday

I never did get out of my pajamas (lazy), but we did get a lot done this morning (ish).

We took the Christmas decorations down this morning, which included cleaning out the closet where they are stored and going through the decorations and getting rid of things we have never used [not much :0)] and/or were broken. In fact, by the time I was done throwing away/reorganizing we had an empty Rubbermaid container.

Since we are currently working on the list of things to be done before we put the house up for sale the Rubbermaid didn't stay empty for long. Thankfully the list isn't long, but my energy level is pretty much zero these days, so it is still proving to be a challenge. I think cleaning out the closets is going to be the worst of it.

We finally got Mess 1 moved to his "big boy" room last weekend, and nap time has been a challenge. He is quite content to play in his room, but getting him to stay in bed and actually go to sleep has not been working so well. Typically he spends a couple of hours playing, and then naps for 30 minutes or so. Today, however, he conked out as soon as he hit the pillow. I have no idea how long he slept, as my nap lasted three hours and I had to go check on him to find out he was awake and playing (he's never that quiet, it was strange). Maybe the fact that he was also still in his jammies helped :0).

This afternoon we played outside with some of his Christmas

The swing Baba (Hubby's dad) and Daddy built for him

The sandbox was from my grandparents

Our fancy new crock pot did a great job on the post roast for dinner, my wonderful husband went to one of the local restaurants that has homemade desserts and got me a piece of Oreo cheesecake, and the boy was in bed by 6:30 (as usual).

Since then we've watched football, and I'm getting ready to go to sleep. 9:00 is my bedtime these days, especially as, Sunday or not, we'll be up at 6:30.

All in all a wonderful Saturday. I hope yours was just as nice.