Friday, November 5, 2010

Not brave

Last Friday Hubby took the messes to the local mass flu clinic for their flu shots.

All by himself.

He’s such a brave Daddy.

We talked about the shots with the kids before they went, telling them that yes it will hurt for a second, but getting the shot was important since it would help them stay well this winter. Mess 1 told me that getting his vaccination was very important (thanks Sid) and that he would be very brave and not cry.

Friday evening I was fixing dinner while Mess 1 was coloring and telling me about his day. “Mommy, I went to the doctor (check up with the ENT) and then I went to get my vaccination.”

“How was it; were you brave?”

“No, Mommy, I wasn’t brave.”

“Oh, did you cry? It’s OK if you cried a little, shots hurt.”

“No, Mommy. My sister cried but I didn’t cry and I wasn’t brave.”

I was totally confused by that statement so I just looked at him blankly. Then, just as proud as he could be, he told me:

“I got to sniff mine.”

The child cracks me up. Although I think we now have to have a chat about not sniffing anything unless it’s given to us by a doctor or nurse. Thank you big pharma.