Monday, September 29, 2008

No pineapple for you!

Tonight while we were eating dinner Mimi (Hubby's mom) called. When the phone rang Mess 2 was screaming because she was hungry, Mess 1 was singing some song or another, and the beagle was barking at the dog next door.

Norman Rockwell has nothing on us.

After I started feeding Mess 2 and the decibel level dropped Mess 1 started talking to Mimi. She asked him why his sister stopped screaming and he told her "My mommy is feeding her."

Mimi asked what she was eating, so he proceeded to tell her everything that was on his plate. After he told her he was eating pineapple Mimi asked if Mess 2 could have pineapple. Mess 1 very calmly replied:

"No, she's a girl."

Apparently we are not doing a very good job explaining the differences between boys and girls.

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