Saturday, September 11, 2010

Big girl bed

Last weekend my parents came for the Labor Day holiday. They brought with them the toddler bed that has been in the family for generations. I used it as a little girl and and now Mess 2 will get to use it for her first big girl bed.

My mom made the quilt for me and there's a blanket she made just for Mess 2 under it. My mom also had to cut down the fitted sheet so it would fit the narrow mattress, so the bedding is almost all handmade.

She was so excited to be able to get in it by herself.

And of course her brother wanted to get in it with her. I shudder to think of the trouble they can now get into.

And this is how I found her last night. Whether she crawled out onto the chair, or fell out and didn't wake up, I have no idea. She didn't really wake up when I put her back in the bed, so I guess she was comfortable.

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