Wednesday, February 13, 2008


The last week and a half have been just crazy; sorry for not updating before now.

Starting with baby stuff:
  • The results from her second ultrasound were wonderful: no soft markers at all and her heart looked great! This sonographer spent a lot of time looking at and taking pictures of her heart, so we are very, very grateful for that news. Surprisingly, we actually had a lot of fun with this ultrasound, as we got to spend nearly an hour and a half watching her flip around, wave at us, and just generally act like a little jumping bean. Maybe she will be able to keep up with her brother and they can tire each other out…
  • The meeting with the genetic counselor was very positive, as we got a number of questions answered. It seems the numbers from my blood work that really threw things off are the ones that have to do with the placenta and how hard it is having to work, and not the ones that are directly related to the baby. This doesn’t really change much as far as risk factors and all that sort of stuff, but it made Hubby and me feel better.
  • The amino Thursday was very strange, as you can see the needle in the ultrasound. It wasn't painful, but very nerve-wracking. I think I held my breath the entire time, and probably cut off all the circulation in Hubby's hands. Good thing he was done playing for the day.
  • We will have the results of the amino by the 21st. I’ll post as soon as we hear anything.
Other recent developments:

I got to spend part of Saturday afternoon at the vet with Jonah (the cat) where he was diagnosed with diabetes. I just looked at him and sighed. The short of it is the cat now requires special food, and we are trying a pill treatment that will probably not work at all, but will definitely not work long term. When it doesn’t, he will have to get twice daily injections of insulin. He is a great cat, but this is a bit much at this point in time (not to mention expensive), so Jonah is looking for a new home. If you are interested or know anyone who is let me know. I even have lots of handouts for you to read to aid you in your decision (I didn't know there was so much information on diabetic cats).

The biggest (and fun) news at the moment is that Hubby's mentor from our undergrad univerity was named Dean of Faculty on Monday, effective March 1. We had dinner with him and his wife a few weeks ago when Hubby gave a Master Class up there so we knew this might be coming, but it was still a surprise to truly realize the percussion position is now open. (Side note: we are very excited for him regardless of what this means for us. He is very excited about the position, and he will do a wonderful job.) There had been some mention of a possible one year interim appointment, but when Hubby talked to Dr. B last night we found out they are going to go ahead and start a national search.

In the meantime, there is a possibility they will call on Hubby to do some adjunct work to help cover the studio for the Spring semester (starts March 1; they move to a traditional semester system starting in August). That means he may be spending one night a week in Greenville and spending lots of time on the road while he teaches at three universities, but it will give him an opportunity to prove himself outside of just an interview and audition.

So now instead of obsessing over the job search in general, we will now obsess over this one job, and the possibility of the “dream job” and the “first job” being one and the same. We actually had a date last night, and basically spent our entire dinner dissecting all the possibilities, why Hubby would or wouldn’t be a good fit, the kinds of questions he might get asked in an interview, etc., etc. I’m sure this will continue for a while :0)

So we’ve kind of been on information overload the last 10 days (actually almost three weeks; seems like much, much longer). Thankfully, my Mama and I are running away for the weekend. The plan for Saturday is to sleep late, have a massage, eat lunch, take a nap, have a nice dinner, and then go to bed, with some reading and cross-stitch thrown in as the mood strikes. Sunday we may do some shopping, we may just spend most of the day in the hotel room, it depends on the weather and our mood. I can’t wait.

We appreciate all of your prayers, and ask that you continue to remember us as we deal with the craziness of the next couple of months. Hopefully things will start to settle down soon, before you get tired of my mega posts (if you’re not already) :0)


  1. How funny. My mom and I are also doing a mother/daughter weekend this weekend. She arrives tomorrow. We are going to see the Harlem Globetrotters on Friday and of course we're going to a play on Sunday.
    Enjoy your weekend. You definitely deserve to relax a bit.

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  3. Sometimes it's amazing how things just work out. . . I'll keep my fingers crossed on all fronts!

    Hope the weekend is wonderful! Have some fun for me!

  4. The group male bonding event Sunday went well, until THE KIDD, passed out between bites of the pizza and trying to make time with the cute waitress at Wild Wings. Sadly, short nap at the table did not bode well for post nap flirtations. Oh well, Unka Anny will have to try trolling for wimmen with THE KIDD again when the weather wants to cooperate a little more. Especially now that THE KIDD is in the hugging stage - except for wanting to hug the alligator at the zoo --- mmmmm...not so good.