Saturday, October 20, 2007

At the breakfast table

Munchkin loves to sing, but sometimes mixes up the songs. This morning while he was eating his breakfast this is what we heard.

"Tinkle tinkle witle tar
How I one-da ou r
lika lika in tha shi
now I no-ah Cs"

It's even better when he throws in some of "Ba Ba Black Sheep." I've been trying to get it on video to share with you, but so far he won't cooperate.


  1. His lyrical abilities and his current pronounciation of big truck seems to indicate that he has spent way too much time with Nana and not nearly enough with POP.

    He should have a great deal more time with uncle "Aneee" and POP where he could truely learn the nuances of coherent speech that readily transmits the true meaning of language to those with whom he wishes to communicate.


  2. Let's start with "I have to go potty" and work up to the nuances of coherent speech that will allow him to only talk to crazy people who use phrases like "nuances of coherent speech."

    Raspberries to you....